I asked RhymeInTime.com to write a poem for me about my beloved dog. It is honestly one of the most
touching gifts that I have ever received. The close attention to detail is what made my personal poem so
beautiful. I love it so much that I have it framed and hanging on my wall next to a picture of my dog!! My
poem is straight from the heart onto paper. :-) I plan to order more poems as gifts for my family and friends.

Sheila – Jasper, Alabama

I was surprised that Russ could incorporate so many of our experiences, memories, and details into a poem.
He completely told our story, but in a fun and meaningful way.  I used this poem as a gift to my husband on
our 11th Wedding Anniversary and he loved it! We laughed together…and were a little teary eyed.
Candace – Bloomington, Illinois