Sample Poems

Please note that this is the order of samples poems:

Best Man Speech
Baby Shower
Pet Poems
High School Graduation
New Year’s Eve Party Invitation
Bachelorette Party Invitation

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Here is a special gift for you, my Nonie, my Andy
From your best friend, sweetheart and soulmate, Candy
Been twelve years since we married, but we’ve just begun
I’m so thankful you are mine and I’m your only one

A multitude of memories…Let’s speak of a few
Please accept this memento of my love for you
Back in school, when we helped each other pass that test
I had a sneaky hunch we’d be sharing this life-quest

That time at Tobin’s Pizza for our first Valentine
Was delicious and delightful, dazzling and divine
Any obstacle we face, you always take in stride
You make me feel right at home and oh so calm inside

Any game that we might play, I might as well give in
Because in the end, I know that you will always win
The same rules apply to all of our arguments, too
It’s OK…I wouldn’t change a single thing about you

You asked my father for my hand just before you proposed
He welcomed you with open arms…your love for me disclosed
Though you were injured and could not get down on one knee
The moment was perfect when you put that ring on me

On our honeymoon, remember that naughty grouper?
That little trouper made for quite the funny blooper!
On the cruise, showered with money and with poker chips
The first of so many of our marvelous trips

I love how you play with our kids, oh Daddy Dinosaur
They love it when you chase them and when they hear you roar
Critter one and two, dueling in the ninja dojo
In their daddy’s footsteps, training for taekwondo

You love your tractors and trucks as well as fixer uppers
And all my cute Candicisms and succulent suppers
On this January 14th of 2014
From your sweet Candycane, Happy Anniversary!



Do you remember that website known as E-Harmony?
Apparently, it was created just for you and me
You thought I was tall and handsome, standing at six foot two
And I fell right away for your blonde hair and eyes so blue

It’s so hard to remember life before 2008
Because my life was changed forever after our first date
Somehow, I just knew that one day that you would be mine
I’m such a lucky man to have married you in ‘09

You know that I will always be your Toddus and Magnum
And you can count on me to never miss a single pun
You’ll always be my gorgeous babe, my Rockstar and my Aims
And I can count on you to win all of the Crossfit games

I love thinking about the future and all of our memories
Especially of our four legged friend, better known as Bogey
The Grand Caymans, Las Vegas and of course Traverse City
And you can ride in the Woodward Cruise any time with me

Whether we are in the Ford Roadster or in my Chevelle
I will be your babe if you will be my blondie belle
I’m so happy that we have this heavenly house in Macomb
But wherever we are together is where I call my home



For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself
My name is Brad, Tim’s best friend since the age of twelve
I’d like to thank you all for attending Tim and Jane’s wedding
And for listening to this speech I’ve long been dreading

I’ll try to keep it short and sweet and perhaps a bit funny
Here’s a little story about Tim and his hunny
Back in high school, Tim sat down in the coffee shop
And when Jen walked through that door, I think I saw Tim’s heart stop

Tim was a bit timid back in those days
Yet very determined to have his way
Before he even had a chance to think
He popped right up out of his chair to buy Jane a drink

The two of them kept giggling and talking…and then sat down
Two months later, Jane went to prom with Tim in her evening gown
They went to college together, walking to class hand in hand
They even helped each other study for exams

Two high school sweethearts living the American dream
I’d say that they’re the most perfect pair I’ve ever seen
A few more years have past…they’re still the best of friends
Now let’s raise our glasses wishing them best from now until the end

I couldn’t be prouder than I am to be here by Tim’s side this day
And there’s just one more thing that I’d like to say
Congratulations to you both. Please cherish your special connection
Now everyone clink your glasses…It’s time to see some affection!



It’s hard to believe how much time has passed
Your 80th birthday is here at last!
Let us celebrate with candy, cake and sweets
For this day should be filled with your favorite treats!

We’ve shared the joys of life for 38 years
And to think it started out with a pair of shears
I’ve cared for your hair and also your heart
Whether we’re together or miles apart

Shopping in catalogs and watching TV
Are just a couple things that you share with me
How we love to smile and laugh all day long
We enjoy a bond that’s so special and strong

Both of your gorgeous grandchildren, Taylor and Brooks
Obviously inherited all your good looks
When it comes to best friends, you only need one
I’ll be by your side for many years to come



It’s been more than ten years since boy number three
Finally, it’s a girl for our family!
Sometimes the best things in life are a surprise
Let’s add one great gal to our three growing guys

Many things have been shared by sons with their dad
Fun games and wrestling with father and his lads
Soccer and baseball and sports of all sorts
Now it’s time for dresses instead of shorts

Cute outfits in yellow and also in pink
Dollhouses complete with their own kitchen sink
Jumping rope, dancing and playing dress up
Tea parties complete with kettle and cups

Many things to share for mom and her girl
Shopping and makeup and long hair to curl
At this lovely luncheon, let’s toast Jennifer
Congratulations on your new adventure!



Some things in our lifetime cannot be explained
But we can do our best to help relieve your pain
You’ve been the best parents a child could ask for
You gave her all the love she wanted and more

No words can express our deep sympathy and grief
But we pray this poem provides you with some relief
If you should need absolutely anything at all
Any time, day or night, we will answer your call

She was the little light that brightened our day
And will continue to shine far beyond today
Let us remember the joy she brought to our lives
For her spirit and memory shall forever survive

Though her struggle in the world we know has ended
Her heart and soul have risen and transcended
Now, your little angel is in a safe place
May she forever rest in peace with grace


PET POEM (Pitbull)

Here’s to you, Brownie, my beautiful baby
You are the one who is always there for me
My precious pitbull who’s strong, brown and white
Walks and play dates by day…snuggles by night

I save empty plastic bottles for you
You find them to be fantastic to chew
At times, you’re better than having a man
You’re my cuddly sweetheart honey baked ham

You steal my spot when I’m out of my seat
You always love to play hide and go seek
And when it comes to tasty things to eat
You only accept the best cuts of meat

When I’m not around, you sneak into bed
Loud snoring comes out of your little head
You love to yodel and also to bark
Life with you is just a walk in the park


PET POEM (Labrador)

The day that I saw you at the shelter all alone
I knew deep inside that I had to take you home
You’re momma’s little boy, protective and loyal
Every chance I get, it’s you I want to spoil

I know how you love to play ‘pass the tennis ball’
And to sleep right by my bed, or the door or wall
You like to speak to me while you sit so pretty
And if I stare long enough, you’ll come right to me

Sometimes, you stare at rocks, though I am not sure why
Other times, you play dead, closing your precious eyes
You tend to be stubborn and occasionally fart
But I don’t mind at all because you have a big heart

Oh my sweet, soft Shadow, my loving Labrador
Every day that passes, I adore you even more
It must be puppy love…you made me a believer
I hope you know I love you so, my faithful retriever



You’ve waited so long for this day to come
Twelve years of school are finally done!
Soon you will be off to Michigan State
You have less than three months to wait!

But now, let’s honor your accomplishments
Please prepare to accept our compliments
You are always the one to go the extra mile
Studying for hours more than once in awhile

Exceeding expectations in scholastics
Feats of fantastic flips in gymnastics
Performing in theater or playing basketball
You’re the girl who can do anything at all!

We’re so proud of everything you’ve achieved
We knew you could do it. We always believed!
There’s such a bright future ahead of you
We’re here to support you in all that you do



It’s time to ring in the new year with you my friend
Let the festivities begin at 7pm!
So please accept our animated invitation
Of bubbly hydration at our celebration!

You’ll be welcomed at the door with a warm embrace
Then, drink and dance the night away at our place
There will be big balloons and plenty of confetti
Followed by food much finer than chicken and spaghetti

Eccentric entertainment and decadent decorations
Aiming to exceed all our guests’ expectations
It is our intention to capture your attention
We present to you a party beyond comprehension!

Please don’t forget to send us your RSVP
As we are looking forward to your company
Our party would not be the same without you here
So let us cherish the cheer of this new year!



It’s time to throw a party for the Bachelorette
We’ll be cruising in a limo sweeter than a corvette
The gorgeous girls shall gather! No men or boys!
We won’t tell anyone about the party toys (shhh…)

We’ll start off at the nicest restaurant in town
So you better not forget your evening gown
Secrets shall be shared and dares performed
An oath of silence shall be sworn!

We’ll be telling tales with all the dirty details
Then the drinks will be flowing at Chippendales
Finally, the limo will drop us off at my place
If you need to crash here, there’s plenty of space

Hopefully I haven’t shared too much information
But please accept this invigorating invitation
Even though Elle’s single life is about to end
It’s almost time for the best night ever to begin!